Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Wall Street Journal article

My friend Dan Akst is a freelance writer. He has published several books and has written for various newspapers and magazines. He has written a piece about the donation, and it will be running in Friday's Wall Street Journal. Look for it under the Taste column in the weekend section. Super cool!

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Anonymous said...

Very cool. I think the feeling you get from doing something while expecting nothing in return is one of the best feelings a human being can experience. Kudos to you for your act of generosity.

Anonymous said...

This is incredibly inspiring. Beyond your own selfless act, you are actively working to inspire others by getting the word out -- and that is an important act in and of itself.

Anonymous said...

I gave a kidney to my brother 6 years ago. It was easy for me because of his long history of kidney disease, I knew I would do it if he needed it.
Giving as you are blows me away. I guess with my brother's disease I'd always want to keep one of mine "in the bank" for him. People asked if I didn't worry that one of my kids or wife might need a kidney someday. I suppose there is always a person we would hold onto a kidney for. Your willingness to give is awesome (as in inspiring awe in me).

Unknown said...

hi - am in the process of donating a kidney to a stranger (now a friend) I met via donormatch. a lot of skepticism, including from family members. but my skeptical sister read about you in the WSJ and let me know about the article and I think it influenced her positively. please thank Mr. Akst!

btw, another way to save people's lives is to befriend and assist local refugees, and assist them as they assist the relatives back home. I am a former foster mom to four Sudanese refugees. Same weird response from the population at large, but it was an incredible experience.

too bad that our society sees "selfish" as normal and admirable, and "generous" as weird and aberrant. But acts like ours, and articles like Akst's, can help turn that around. Best regards from Boston! Hillary Rettig,

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work.