Sunday, July 27, 2008

You can leave soon...

After my first full day of recovery was over, I settled in with a couple of percocet and the Yankees game. Thanks to the drugs and our 1-0 victory over the Sox, I had a fairly good nights sleep. I awoke feeling great, looking forward to heading home. My surgeon, Dr. Ratner, stopped by a little after 10 am. After checking me out, he decided that I should be discharged, which was music to my ears. We could get home in time to hang out with Frankie and Sammy for a while, then head over to Basil's 2nd birthday party. Hours passed, and still the nurse didn't show up to discharge us.

As it turns out, we needed to wait for a different doctor to come see me. After he looked at my wounds and asked me how I felt, he said it would be about an hour for the discharge to get written up. That was at 1 pm. I won't go into the boring details, but we finally left at around 6 o'clock. I was annoyed, but I guess that's what happens on a Saturday.

All in all, I felt pretty good. The pain was less, except if I twisted my body. Once I learned the tricks to mitigate the pain, I was feeling fine. It's amazing that less than 48 hours after donating a kidney, I was walking around like almost nothing had happened. If this is the worst of it, I'm very happy with my decision to go through with it.


Lisa said...

It *is* amazing -- and congrats on getting up and about and being allowed to go home so soon.

I found your blog through my friend whose kidney donation (also paired three ways, although hers is directed) is scheduled for this Wednesday, the 30th.

Once again congrats, best wishes for a very speedy recovery, and thanks for making the world a better place.

adegiulio said...

Thanks compugrrrl for the well wishes. I'm feeling great, even after a trip to the farmers market...I hope your friend's donation goes as smoothly as mine. Tell her the worst part is the gas, not the actual surgical incisions.