Saturday, July 26, 2008

15 minutes until...

One thing they monitor closely is your ability to urinate. With the catheter, this is not much of a problem. However, the surgery can put the bladder in a bit of a tizzy, and it's important to be sure it's working. After the removal of my catheter, the clock started ticking. I had a few hours to urinate on my own, or risk having another catheter put in, this time without the benefit of being under general anesthesia.

I was half sleeping when Amy returned to the room with horrible news. I had 15 minutes to pee, or the mean nurse lady (I kid, she was wonderful) would come fix me up. I quickly (as quickly as I could) ran to the bathroom and prayed into a plastic urine jug. A minute later I emerged victorious, my urinary trophy in hand. Say NO! to catheters.

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