Monday, August 4, 2008

Today's the big day!!

Such anxiety. In a few short hours I'll be meeting my recipient. It's like Christmas and a blind date rolled into one...I'll post pictures of the whole thing later...

Feeling great by the way..


Anonymous said...

looking forward to an update.

Anonymous said...


Reading the Daniel Akst's column about his friend the hero got me up out of my chair and composing the note to a man who has done me many kindnesses....and whose wife of 50+ years is hovering just under "20" and is "on the list" for a kidney.,..and I'm on the very beginning of the path you chose except I start out seeking to make a "directed" donation. (Chance of a match is likely small - and I'm at the edge on age - 60 - but perhaps we start a pool or "daisy chain" process.)

Further, by coincidence, I picked up an appeal for help from a fellow Daytona Beach area Realtor, about her friend's 29 year old daughter Jenny. (I'd like to email it to you - please provide me your email address if you are willing - I'm )

My main point of writing: I've a variety of tangential experiences around "organ donor awareness". And I'm convinced that, despite the infuriating fact that there should NOT be a waiting list for at least this organ, cadaver donations are never going to pick up the slack and we need to provide facts and motivation, found in your blog and Daniel's article respectivel, that will drive up live donations.

I happen to be for a controlled, regulated PRICE for provision of funds in exchange for donation. The SPIRIT which drove you is admirable --- and rare. You are from the world of finance, perhaps you have some ideas on this.

BUT TO THE POINT: I've emailed Daniel about a subject about which I propose a conference call with you two. It involves springboarding from your experience: your motivation as described by your friend in his WSJ article and the education that you begin in your writings in this blog.

Please check in with Daniel and see if my email convinced him to have the three of us talk.

Congratulations on a wonderful "process" - from inspiration to "the close". True Grit.

Ormond Beach, FL

Anonymous said...

OK - we're hanging, out here!! How did it go?????


PS - Please check in with Mr. Akst...he may fill you in on an email exchange we've had.