Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Breaking News!

Well, I just received the news I have been waiting for. My kidney donation is officially scheduled for July 24th. While the details are still not completely known to me, I do know that it is a three-pair match, meaning that there will be three simultaneous donations occurring. All of the transplants are pre-emptive, meaning the recipients have not yet begun the torture of dialysis. Also, the transplant coordinator tells me that there are some young people involved. With youth on their side, the prognosis looks good.

Hopefully I will begin to pick up the pace of my posts (as if anyone actually reads this blog). As I learn new details, or go through a range of emotions, I'll do my best to articulate what it is like as a pre-op donor. I hope people gain some insight into the experience.


Anonymous said...

I'm still reading! Let me know if you want to talk. - Tom Simon, seven-seven-three-451-6688

adegiulio said...

Thanks Tom for reading. I'm very excited to finally donate.

Anonymous said...

This is very generous of you, Ant! Keep me posted, ok??